Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finished Knitted Projects

Hello Little Birdie,

I have recently finished these two knitted projects.
The white jacket is a pattern from this book. The wool was purchased especially for the project and I am currently making a larger one in an orange colour.

The blue vest I adapted from the same pattern as the white jacket. It has no sleeves because I did not have enough of the blue wool left over.

Happy knitting.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holiday Crafting

Hello Little Birdie,

I was lucky enough to have the second week of the school holidays off.
I spent a lot of my time crafting, my favourite way to relax. I probably should have been catching up on odd jobs around the house. My guilt about this is only fleeting.

I managed to start and finish some projects and complete others that have been in the to do basket for who knows how long.

My projects to show you are...
This hat and booties. Made from beautiful wool left over from previous projects.
This gorgeous little dress with a pocket friend.

And this pair of funky animal pants.
The dress and pants were made from patterns from this book.

I love this book. I am currently recommending it to anyone who will listen to me. The instructions are so clear that I have been able to follow them to the letter instead of improvising as I usually do. The projects are also all so cute and practical. I am looking forward to trying more projects.