Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Brother's Tea Cosy Beanie

A few years back, my brother asked me if I would knit him a beanie that looked like a tea cosy. A friend of his liked it so much that she wanted one too. My brother recently asked me if I would knit her one, yesterday I finished it. (My brother's original beanie is the navy, green and red one.) If you would like to make one I have attempted to write a pattern. If you make one let me know how it works out. My Brother's Tea Cosy Beanie

To make one man sized beanie you will need:
:: 4 mm needles (a set of double pointed if you want to knit on the round or a regular set).
:: 3 balls of 50g 8 ply 100% wool yarn (1 main colour (mc), 1 contrast colour 1 (cc1) and 1 contrast colour 2 (cc2)).

:: Cast on 120 stitches in main colour (mc).
:: Knit 1 inch in rib pattern (Knit 2, purl 2).
:: Knit 3 rows in stocking stitch with mc.
:: Start pattern (All rows in stocking stitch).
3 rows cc1, 3 rows cc2, 1 row mc, 3 rows cc2, 3 rows cc1 and 3 rows mc, complete pattern 3 times.
:: Next to create the pattern and holes for the draw string continue in garter stitch. Knit 3 rows garter stitch, next row knit 2, yarn forward, knit to together, continue this pattern to the end. Then knit a further 3 rows of garter stitch before casting off.
:: Sew up the seam and sew in the ends.
:: Make a twisted drawstring to weave through the holes in the top of the hat. Weave in, pull tight and tie in a bow. Happy knitting.