Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 UFO Challenge - March Completed

Another late post for the 2013 UFO challenge and a poor effort for the month. I have been madly working on beanies to send to the beanie festival and knitting warm jackets for my baby boy. Well, that's my excuse anyway (also i am having trouble getting into my sewing room at the moment as it has turned into the place where I put everything that doesn't have a home). My finish for January fits into the rules, just! After I said to my mum that she could not frame my embroidery from last month and call it her finish, I feel a bit guilty about this one. I completed this jacket a couple of years ago, the buttons I chose for it were completely impractical. So my finish was changing the buttons so it can be used now. 
The March project summary:
UFO's completed - 1
New projects started - 6 (5 beanies and a baby jumper, oh dear!)
Total projects completed - 5, 1 UFO, 3 beanies started last month and a baby jacket
Next month I would like to finish some of the sewing projects in the UFO pile. Wish me luck, my track record so far is not so good.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Knitted Cotton Jacket

Hot off the needles this week is a cotton knitted jacket. I had the red cotton in my stash. It was destined for a shawl for me, but I find knitting children's clothes more motivating. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss' 'Baby Knits for Beginners.' This is a fantastic book full of really useful and lovely patterns. I enjoyed knitting this jacket and it has already been used. 
I picked up the buttons at my local wool shop. I love them. In order to use them I needed to remodel the button hole slightly to accommodate the larger button. Red is such a hard colour to match, but these buttons work really well.
I have already started another knit for my baby, which is not in keeping with my self imposed challenge to completed already started projects this year. Oh well whats life without a little variety, happy knitting.

First Bithday

Late in January was my baby boy's first birthday. We had a fantastic day celebrating with our families. I made him a few home made goodies. First a birthday crown made out of some cross stitch and some wool felt. It was inspired by the ones that Soule Mama makes. I hope that he will wear it for may birthdays to come. I also made him a cross stitched card and I hope to make one of these for every birthday.
Finally was the number 1 cake form the women's weekly children's cookbook. Everyone of my age group I know loves this book as we all used to look through the pages imagining what birthday cake we would ask for come our next birthday.
I have already started thinking about what cake I will make him for his second birthday. Happy birthday beautiful little man. xxx