Sunday, March 31, 2013

2013 UFO Challenge - March Completed

Another late post for the 2013 UFO challenge and a poor effort for the month. I have been madly working on beanies to send to the beanie festival and knitting warm jackets for my baby boy. Well, that's my excuse anyway (also i am having trouble getting into my sewing room at the moment as it has turned into the place where I put everything that doesn't have a home). My finish for January fits into the rules, just! After I said to my mum that she could not frame my embroidery from last month and call it her finish, I feel a bit guilty about this one. I completed this jacket a couple of years ago, the buttons I chose for it were completely impractical. So my finish was changing the buttons so it can be used now. 
The March project summary:
UFO's completed - 1
New projects started - 6 (5 beanies and a baby jumper, oh dear!)
Total projects completed - 5, 1 UFO, 3 beanies started last month and a baby jacket
Next month I would like to finish some of the sewing projects in the UFO pile. Wish me luck, my track record so far is not so good.

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