Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Bloomers and More

Hello Little Birdie,
This weekend while I have had a little time I have been indulging in a little sewing from a new addition to my sewing book collection.
This book is fantastic. The projects are cute and the instructions are easy to understand.
A made 2 pairs of baby bloomers out of an old pillow case that was ripped. I also made a pair of the toddler pants out of an old pair of men's pants. They ended up as shorts because the amount of usable material in the pants was minimal. I hope these fit the nephew. I am very happy with the results of both, especially the bloomers. The great thing about using preloved material such as the pillow case and pants is that because they have been washed and washed the fabric is so soft. I will defiantly be tackling more projects from this book. I love it!

Yo Yo Bibs

Hello Little Birdie,
Here is an idea for the use of fabric yo yo's.
Decorate some cheep bibs from the supermarket to make them look very funky.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Long Time, No post!

Hello Little Birdie,

Long time, no post. But not through lack of completed craft projects. Just busy in my life at the moment.

I am still managing to keep up my goal of at least one project per month and have also have got back into knitting and projects are taking longer to complete.

I finished the red stripey jumper and are very happy with the result.

I have also made some kinder art smocks. These are great for painting! The plastic material is very soft and moves easily when the child moves.

Lastly I also completed a cork screw scarf. This was a bit of a challenge as it required wrap and turn in the pattern. I think the colour of this wool is just beautiful.

My aim now is to be a better blogger and post more regularly. I hope everyone has a lovely crafty weekend.