Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pin Cushion Obsession!

Hello Little Birdie,
The pin cushion obsession continues.
I will let the picture tell the tale!

A Pink and Red Theme

Hello Little Birdie,
I don't know why but I seem to have a bit of a pink and red theme going on at the moment.
I brought some lovely new fabric for my stash. My stash is starting to build up so much now I really must ration my purchases until a have finished a few projects.
I have just finished a coin purse and a strawberry skirt for a friends daughter as a thank-you. I am really getting in to making my gifts for people instead of buying something. I think the presents are more personal and nicer this way.

I have also completed a present for a new baby girl due to be born to friends at the end of next month. I made a pink and red knitted hat. I did this on double pointed needles. I am loving this method as there is no purling for a stocking stitch look and no seam.
I also made a owl softy for the baby. I used a pattern (slightly modified with my own twist) from the book "More Softies."
I hope to that you to had a productive crafting weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pin Cushions With A Twist!

Hello Little Birdie,
I have been making a lot of pin cushions recently. I find them a quick and rewarding small project. I also love having a basket full of them so I can give them away to my guests. I let them choose their favourite. I like to guess which one I think they will chose, I am usually wrong. I made these three small pin cushions into Christmas decorations. I think that they look really cute.

A Tiny Knitted Vest

Hello Little Birdie,
I also completed a tiny knitted vest this month. It took one 50g ball of wool. I think it is too small for a baby, but it might look nice on a teddy or a doll some time. The pattern I found on this blog soelmamma, one of my favourites. The link to the pattern is here.

A beautiful birthday gift

Hello little birdie,

I wanted to share with you what one of my beautiful crafting friends gave me for my birthday earlier this month.

I was a beautiful coffee/tea mug with a knitting and wool theme and some lovely wool that she had spun. She is so clever and talented. I just adore the wool. The rainbow colours are beautiful. I knitted a toddler hat with it. The wool is sheep and alpaca. Thank-you my beautiful crafting friend xxx.