Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Pink and Red Theme

Hello Little Birdie,
I don't know why but I seem to have a bit of a pink and red theme going on at the moment.
I brought some lovely new fabric for my stash. My stash is starting to build up so much now I really must ration my purchases until a have finished a few projects.
I have just finished a coin purse and a strawberry skirt for a friends daughter as a thank-you. I am really getting in to making my gifts for people instead of buying something. I think the presents are more personal and nicer this way.

I have also completed a present for a new baby girl due to be born to friends at the end of next month. I made a pink and red knitted hat. I did this on double pointed needles. I am loving this method as there is no purling for a stocking stitch look and no seam.
I also made a owl softy for the baby. I used a pattern (slightly modified with my own twist) from the book "More Softies."
I hope to that you to had a productive crafting weekend!


  1. The skirt is so pretty - I really like your pink and red theme. I am sure the lucky little girl that gets this skirt will just adore it.

  2. cute hat! I'm a huge fan of double pointed's but still haven't managed to finish a sock because I'm always busy with little hats! oh and pink and red is a great colour combo!