Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Projects

Hello little birdie,

Like most crafters, I have a large pile of projects that have been started or cut out in preparation for starting. They never get started or finished because there is always another project in my head or materials in my stash that I want to try. I think it is because I dabble in and enjoy so many different crafts.
I decided to discipline myself in January and not start any new projects. The month was dedicated to completing some projects that had already been started or cut out. I found it difficult and and bent the rules slightly toward the end of the month. Here are the projects I completed this month.

Baby bloomers that were cut out some time around the middle of 2009 but never assembled.

Toddler pants and matching Velcro pockets, cut out in October 2009.

A baby blue windcheater, that was started around 15 years ago, but never finished. Embarrassing!

A knitted lace pattern hat from "Knit issue 2" by Jo Sharp. Its the most difficult knitting pattern I have attempted to date. I am very proud of the results. The hat was started in December 2009 and it is a birthday present for one of my sisters in law. Her favourite colour is green.

The final project of the month is where the lines of my discipline became blurred. I decided to use up the yarn left over from the above hat. I started a new project, booties. The issue with this was I only had enough yarn for one. I then brought another ball to make the second bootee and decided that I would use the left over yarn from this to make a matching hat. While knitting the hat and watching the tennis last night I realised that I was going to run out of yarn again. I decided to use I little contrast yarn I had in my stash, but I ran out of that also. So now I face the issue of a beanie that is half done. Which I am not going to be undoing. I think I will have to purchase another ball of wool. This defeats the purpose of trying to use the left over yarn up.

Does anyone else have these issues and what do you do?