Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Bithday

Late in January was my baby boy's first birthday. We had a fantastic day celebrating with our families. I made him a few home made goodies. First a birthday crown made out of some cross stitch and some wool felt. It was inspired by the ones that Soule Mama makes. I hope that he will wear it for may birthdays to come. I also made him a cross stitched card and I hope to make one of these for every birthday.
Finally was the number 1 cake form the women's weekly children's cookbook. Everyone of my age group I know loves this book as we all used to look through the pages imagining what birthday cake we would ask for come our next birthday.
I have already started thinking about what cake I will make him for his second birthday. Happy birthday beautiful little man. xxx

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  1. A Crown for a little Prince, a very happy day. Love always xx.