Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drum Roll Please ... Ta Da!

Last night I had a Ta Da moment. Twelve months practice and the penny finally dropped. Crochet wise that is.
During blog exploring two years ago, I came across this talented lady and have been so inspired by her crochet work. The beautiful vibrant colours and lovely wool she uses drew me in, I wanted to learn. Not knowing anyone who can crochet I set out to teach myself. How hard could it be? In my early twenties I taught myself to knit so I though in my early thirties I could teach myself to crochet too. I was wrong. Piles of tangled yarn, difficulty interpreting and reading instructions, many cups of tea and much frustration, I was defeated, I couldn't do it.
At last years craft fair I attended a workshop to learn how to crochet. By the end of the hour and a half session, I could roughly double crochet. I have been practicing this. Last weekend, I set out with the help of these books (see below) to teach my self some other crochet stitches.
Last night I sat down with the books again and attempted the granny square. Success, I mastered it and this was the result.
I picked up the wool at a local hippy market. I am supposed to be stash busting at the moment, but I found the colours irresistible. The wool is soft, lovely and a bit rustic.
I am so proud I cracked the crochet code. I now don't understand why I found it so difficult.

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