Friday, August 5, 2011

Craft Fair 2011

Last Friday mum and I went to our 7th craft fair. Its our annual event. I bring lunch and drive into the city and mum gets the tickets. It's something that we look forward to all year. Its a fantastic event. Mum and I come away from the fair inspired and with new supplies for the craft stash and for current projects. Its also a great opportunity to see the current trends in craft and the new and exciting products available. I managed to stick to my budget on the day (however, the next day at spotlight). I purchased some day light lamps from the scissor man. He had a great deal on a floor lamp and a portable lamp. I also purchased some fabric, needles for felting, the cutest bunny soft toy pattern ever and other bits and pieces. I also purchased this amazing yarn. It's called 'Can Can.' One ball of wool will make 2 scarves. I loved the bunny pattern so much, I made a bunny the next day. He is so cute. I think I will be making may more. farewell craft fair, we will see you again next year.

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  1. It was a great day and I enjoyed it very much. It really motivates you to get on and finish projects. There were a few changes and a few less exhibitors at the fair this year and it was interesting how Spotlight had a sale on that weekend! Same time next year? You Bet! xM