Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Beanies for the Beanie Festivle

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival is on again next month. If you ever get a chance, go to it, its fantastic. Last year I sent 10 beanies to sell and sold 8 of them. I wanted to try and send the maximum 10 again this year. Buit my life is pretty busy and full on at the moment and I was not sure I would make it. But last week, I completed my 10th and sent them off. Here they are...
10 Beanies!
The Galah
Sorbet Stripes
Desert Sweet Pea
Bubble Beret
Fancy Fairisle
Candy Bonnet
Pink Hearts
Bad Hair Day
Yellow Lace
I am pleased with them and have tried to make them a little different. Fingers crossed some of them sell. I think I should start knitting next years now.

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  1. They are all Wonderful! Well done completing 10 , that's 10, beanies this year, xM