Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

Hello Little Birdie,
I was recently complaining to my mum that I did not have any more nice buttons to put on the pin cushions I had been making.
This weekend my mum and I went to a second hand shop that has lots and lots of individual stalls. Some stalls have junk, some have antiques and some just have interesting items.
We found a few little treasures. I was particularly looking for buttons.
I found some. A large glass vase full (see picture bellow). Mum and I sorted them out. I can no longer complain that I have no buttons!


  1. I love buttons, little birdie, and have quite a collection at home. I also noticed spotlight have some interesting jars of buttons and eBay often sell some nice collections. No need to ask how your weekend was, clearly it was full of buttons!!

  2. hello fellow new blogger - i found your blog thru ginger monkeys FQ swap. i love buttons too, but never seem to find much to use them on, other than my knitting - and then i always seem to have to buy more as i never have enough or the right colour to go with the wool!

  3. I love buttons so I'm utterly envious of these latest additions that you have. Plus, they really look so pretty all lined up along the window like that!