Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Time

I am beginning to get into the festive mood. I have been so busy recently and have had limited craft time. I am suffering from severe withdrawal from my craft addiction.
Yesterday I spent the whole day with a very special friend and we decorated our 2010 gingerbread houses. Mine is in the Hansel and Gretel style and hers is a 4 building masterpiece.
I have yet to take photos of these.
I was looking back through my old photos and found pictures of the 2008 gingerbread house that my friend and I made together. This was before I started my blog so I thought I would share the photos of that gingerbread house with you today.
For our first attempt at a gingerbread house I think we did a mighty fine job.
I hope to share photos of our 2010 gingerbread houses soon.
If you are looking for gingerbread house inspiration the website gingerbread house heaven is great!

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