Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pink Size One Overalls

Hello Little Birdie,
Yesterday I finished a bright pink pair or cord overalls. They are a little rough but have come together fairly well. My mum requested these for a little girl she met last Christmas. I was worried that I would not get any projects finished this month as we are moving house and I have had to pack up all my sewing stuff. I should not have worried.
I also had a helper with this project. Funny how Miss Fluffy always places herself right where I am working. (I would not change this).
Happy sewing!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your sweet comment. These overall are cute! Happy Sewing to you!

  2. Miss Fluffy looks very happy there, and it does add the the challenge. I hope the packing is going well. Miss you at work. xox